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From Marseille to Monte Carlo – a guide to French escorts


Is your French vacation getting stale? Do you feel that your escort Paris is not as entertaining as she used to be? Are you yearning for a sunny trip and new, beautiful faces? Then rest assured, because we have exactly what you need! Read this traveling guide of the Cote d’Azur to discover where you can have fun with hot, sexy girls in the South of France!

Set sail from Marseille

The ideal place to start your all-conquering vacation in Southern France in Marseille. This ancient port city is a thriving metropolis that attracts people from all over the world. This town is where you can find escorts of multiple nationalities and ethnicities. Pick up some of the sexiest girls alive and give a boost to your exciting trip.

Marseille can also be a cheating lover, so be aware of its irresistible charms! This town is so big and has such a great offer of sexy paid companions that you risk losing your entire funds and spending all your days here. The Cote d’Azur is a significant region, with many more things to see and do, so as soon as you get what you came for is time to hit the road again.

Next stop: Ile d’ Hyeres

The French Riviera is all about sunny beaches and amazing landscapes. You can find both on your next stop: Ile d’ Hyeres. Located just outside of Toulon, this small island is a paradise for foreign visitors that look to have fun with local girls.

The Ile d’ Hyeres is surrounded by gorgeous, blue waters and features a small port where weekend sailors dock their boats. The entire area is a natural sanctuary where you and your escort Paris can spend a relaxing vacation far from the big, crowded cities.

The crown jewel: Saint Tropez

You might have heard about Saint Tropez as the coolest, most posh beach in all of France. Its golden sands are blessed with the presence of celebrities and ridiculously rich people. However, this small sea resort has more to offer than just the rare opportunity of coming face to face with Leonardo di Caprio. St. Tropez is also the best place to meet hot, sexy escorts ready to entertain even your wildest dreams.

Get your culture fill in Cannes

Home to one of Europe’s biggest cinema festivals, Cannes is also an enchanting destination where you can have a lot of cultural fun. If you want to impress your escort Paris with your exquisite taste for art and cinematography, bring her to this small French town and visit some of the local art galleries or museums.

Cross the border to Monaco

If you want to look for hot escorts in another country, but without leaving the Cote d’Azur, all you need to do is visit Monaco. This microstate is enclosed by France on almost every border, except for the Mediterranean Sea. Monaco is the place to be if you have an extra buck to spend in the company of some of the most beautiful women in the world.

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